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Front Range Siding offers the best selection of high quality siding for a house in Longmont CO. We are a trendsetter when it comes to Longmont siding, with a variety of durable and energy efficient vinyl options. When choosing siding for a house in Longmont siding durability is a key concern. Longmont CO weather can be tough on siding for a house. Select our high quality siding for durability, quality installation and a great price.

Quest (High Sierra)

Quest offers a natural wood look tornado tough design and over 700 colors to choose from. Quest is available in stained and natural wood colors as well as paint colors. Don't let the outstanding beauty fool you though, Quest can handle wind speeds of up to 240 MPH and has a double thick nail hem. The patented T3-LOC makes panels grip tight to keep siding on in high winds. Quest siding for a house comes in lengths of up to 25' 6" for a smooth seamless look.

Structure Insulated Siding

This Energy Star and LEED qualified siding is backed with 1-1/4" of foam panel insulation to lend an extra R-4 to your insulation. The insulation lends durability to the siding, making it 300% more impact resistant and 200% more rigid than standard vinyl siding. It also reduces noise levels by as much as 30%. Structure Insulated Siding can withstand winds of at least 190 MPH. While winds that high would be unusual in Longmont CO, the ability of siding for a house to withstand high winds indicates its overall durability.

Liberty Elite Siding

Liberty Elite Siding withstands extreme temperatures without warping or fading. Liberty is one of the thickest insulations available. It is 27% thicker than most vinyl siding. It offers an oversized locking system to hold this siding together even in high winds. Liberty Elite Siding can withstand winds of up to 165 MPH.

Norandex Sagebrush

Norandex ColorHold Acrylic Technology resists fading and discoloration better than any competitor on the market. Norandex Sagebrush is also strong and rigid. Norandex Sagebrush siding for a house features an amazing .50 mm thickness and comes with a very strong warranty package that includes the Lifetime Fade Protection guarantee.

Alsides Charter Oak

Charter Oak has been tested and proven to resist category 5 hurricane conditions. This vinyl siding comes in 14 popular colors plus 11 deeper richer colors from the Architectural Color Collection. Alsides offers a variety of different options and features for various Charter Oak products including an energy efficient, foam insulation backed option. It features a high level of rigidity and a double thick nail hem.

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